Smell something fishy?

Two recent TV programmes have got me thinking about who is responsible for the public’s opinions of science and the important science policies that affect their lives. On Monday night I watched with joy as Sir Paul Nurse charged on his Nobel steed (see what I did there?) at science’s harshest critics; targeting those who…

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Darwin’s Cathedral

  Reviewed: ‘Darwin’s Cathedral’ by Dr. David Sloan Wilson So, when I decided that I would write a book review blog for Science Brainwaves I was a mere three pages through the introduction of ‘Darwin’s Cathedral: Evolution, Religion and the Nature of Society’. With such a grandiose title I should have been more prepared…

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The economics of science

Britain was once called the factory of the World. Back in the mid 19th Century she was the first country to go through an industrial revolution; technology of course drove this rapid change in the way things were produced, making everyday consumables cheaper and Britain the most economically competitive country on the planet. Mechanical looms,…

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