5 science podcasts that should be on your playlist.

Gaining scientific knowledge doesn’t have to come from a degree or spending hours slogging over a text book. Science is now everywhere we look and listen. Podcasts are a perfect way to gain an insight into the current affairs of science whilst still going about your daily life. Here’s a run down of 5 you should give a try, anytime and anywhere.

The Infinite Monkey Cage

Hosted by Brian Cox and Robin Ince, this is one that is sure to make you giggle. Covering a range of topics with input from both scientists and comedians, this show is a must for anyone with a thirst for knowledge of the great goings on in science.

You can listen here

60 Second Science 

Concise and factual, 60 second science will emerge you in ideas and studies that you’d never even think to look for. Ranging from sustainability to the inner workings of the mind, new episodes each weekday fit a host of research into 2 minutes.

You can listen here

The Naked Scientist

Whilst no nudity can be seen (thankfully!) this podcast strips back science to its bare bones. Interviews make up a large segment of the show asking those in the forefront of their fields to explain groundbreaking research in layman terms. Each episode is roughly an hour long and is hosted by the University of Cambridge, often highlighting their research.

You can listen here

Talk Nerdy

Hosted by Cara Santa Maria a women in STEM who is breaking down barriers by communicating science to the masses. Her show is interview based where she is joined by people from around the world – from Manchester to the South Pole. They tackle topics including stars, psychology and anywhere in between. Perfect for an overall picture of whats currently going on in science.

You can listen here

The Guardian Science Weekly

Can science make meat sustainable? Are we born knowing the rules of language? How close are we to a male contraceptive pill? A range of hosts and specialists discuss life’s big questions as well as emerging breakthroughs.

You can listen here 

So there you have it, my favourites for when the brain needs a little scientific stimulation! Sorry that my posts are currently so few and far between / shorter than normal i’m in a sea of revision but will be done in 2 weeks time! The end is near!

If you give any a listen let me know which was you’re favourite or if you have any recommendations leave them below!

Lorna Milne

19 year old, Biomedical Science undergraduate at the University of Sheffield.