About Us

Every moment of your life you experience science, and in these times it is barely possible to go even an hour without coming in to contact with some form of technology. Science is all around us and it helps us understand who we are. It’s unfortunate then that it can be so hard to follow…and that’s where Science Brainwaves comes in.

We are a group of enthusiastic and passionate science communicators, made up of a multitude of people doing, teaching and studying science, engineering and just about everything related! We want to take everything ‘science’ and put it out there in a way that everyone can understand and enjoy.

Current Committee

Science Brainwaves is run by the official committee. We are supported in our events by a huge team of volunteers, with more and more people getting involved all the time.

  • Harriet Knafler
    I’m Harriet Knafler, and I have recently completed my Microbiology degree here in Sheffield. I’m now starting a PhD looking into nanoparticle uptake in yeast cells. I am also passionate about opening science up to everyone: engaging non-scientists, encouraging children Read More...
  • Natalie Clamp
    Head of Events & Website
    Hey, I’m Natalie and I’m currently in the fourth year of my undergraduate masters degree in the Animal & Plant Sciences department at the University of Sheffield. This year I’ll be working with a team looking into the evolution of C4 photosynthesis Read More...
  • Natalie Rounding
    Secretary & Social Secretary
    Hello, I am Natalie and I am the new secretary and social sec for Science Brainwaves 2015/2016! Currently, I am a PhD student at the Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience, researching motor neuron disease. Throughout my postgraduate degree I have taken Read More...
  • James Ord
    Head of Publicity
    I’m James, Head of Media for Science Brainwaves 2015/16. Born in Cambridge, I came to Sheffield in 2010 to study Biology, then had a brief spell at Lancaster for an MSc in Toxicology. I’m now back in Sheffield for my Read More...
  • Grace Barnard
    Head of Volunteers
    Hey, I’m Grace and I’m the new Head of Neutrinos and Volunteering Officer for Science Brainwaves 2015/2016! I am in my final year of my MBB undergraduate degree, studying Medical Genetics. I’m super excited to be a part of Science Read More...
  • Ben Lomax
    Ahoy! I’m Ben and I’m the Treasurer for Science Brainwaves 2015/16. I’m currently studying Molecular Biology here in Sheffield. I’m particularly interested in synthetic biology having completed a summer placement in the field and I intend to go into this Read More...
  • Sam Paplauskas
    Head of Outreach
    I’m Sam, a third year biologist and head of outreach. I’ll be co-ordinating the outreach activities we run this year, including the continuation of very successful events which have been run previous years like ‘The Science Behind CSI’. If you Read More...

British Science Association

We are affiliated with the British Science Association – a charity with the aim of “advancing the public understanding, accessibility and accountability of the sciences and engineering”. This means we have even more expertise to push forward the cause of public engagement.

Advisory Committee

The permenant advisory committee are well-placed professionals at the University of Sheffield who facilitate our activities:

Dr Allan Pacey - Scientific advisor
Pam Buchan - British Science Association
Sue Armstrong - Acting faculty director of women in engineering
Dr Sandrine Soubes - MBB Postgrad training coordinator
Michaela Livingstone - Science communication officer, University of Oxford

Work With Us

If you are an organisation that wishes to work with us to arrange an event, then please get in touch. We can put together, carry out, and attract the right audience to any science event; be it public lectures, workshops or something a little bit different. We are based in Sheffield, but we can potentially go further afield.