About us

Every moment of your life you experience science, and in these times it is barely possible to go even an hour without coming in to contact with some form of technology. Science is all around us and it helps us understand who we are. It’s unfortunate then that it can be so hard to follow…and that’s where Science Brainwaves comes in.

We are a group of enthusiastic and passionate science communicators, made up of a multitude of people doing, teaching and studying science, engineering and just about everything related! We want to take everything ‘science’ and put it out there in a way that everyone can understand and enjoy.


Hello! My name is Nurkaiyisah and I’m the President of Science Brainwaves 2019/2020.

As the President, I am responsible for overseeing the many amazing events run by our committee in order to encourage both younger (and older) people to get involved in the sciences through recruitment of enthusiastic students to participate in volunteering events as well as provide an opportunity for aspiring writers to showcase their science communication skills through blog-writing. 

Going into my final year of Biomedical Science, I hope to create a welcoming environment for those interested in both outreach and science communication, in order to promote science to all ages.

If you are interested in writing blogs or volunteering please do not hesitate to contact me at: n.zaalanuar@sciencebrainwaves.com

Hi! My name is Aysha and I’m the Treasurer for Science Brainwaves 2019/2020.

I will be starting my 4th year in Biomedical Science doing an integrated master and I finally get the opportunity to get involved with Science brainwaves!

My responsibilities as treasurer, entail securing funding necessary to organize and conduct the many wonderful outreach events that we do, keeping record of the society expenses, and managing the society account.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me on a.wahid@sciencebrainwaves.com.

Hi, PC here. Kari and I are Head of Outreach of Science Brainwaves 2019/20!

I am in my second year of Biochemistry at uni and dream of doing research in a lab someday.

Science is not a one-man job and novel discoveries are made based on the work of others, hence whether you’re doing a science degree or not – do give one of our many volunteering sessions a try! Feel free to contact me at pc.ng@sciencebrainwaves.com if you have any questions about signing up to be a volunteer or joining any of our activities.

See you there!