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Science Brainwaves Committee 2014-15

Science Brainwaves Committee 2014-15

Welcome to Science Brainwaves – an exciting organisation which brings together science, medicine, engineering, mathematics, social sciences and even the arts to further the public understanding of science. Through lectures, hands on workshops, outreach events, interactive displays – and much much more – we aim to engage as many people as we can in the wonderful world of science!If you would like to read more about Science Brainwaves then please click here.

The Science Brainwaves committee

As a group, we started off as four, then 6 and now over 100, and ever-growing! The committee act to facilitate the activities of the group and ensure progress.

The committee for 2014-15 are listed below but for more details on any of us then please check out our committee page.

Cassy Ashman – Chair
Serina Akhtar – Treasurer
Lizzie Baldwin – Head of Volunteers
Emma Curran – Head of Publicity
Emma Jardine – Secretary
Harriet Knafler – Head of Events
Nik Muldal – Head of Projects
Dominic Swain– Head of Website

The Advisory Committee

The advisory committee are made up of a group of well-placed professionals at the University of Sheffield who facilitate the more official goings-on. Due to the fast-changing nature of University students, the founding members of Science Brainwaves thought that it was essential to have a more permanent component to enable the continued success of the organisation.

Dr Allan Pacey – Scientific Advisor
Pam Buchan – British Science Association
Sue Armstrong – Engineering Faculty Recruitment Officer
Dr Sandrine Soubes – MBB Post grad training coordinator
Michaela Livingstone – Association for Science and Discovery Centres UK

The volunteers that make up Science Brainwaves has in it’s ranks a real variety of people, working and studying in all sorts of fields in order to create interesting and educational coverage of science and engineering.