Zombies (in nature)!

With Halloween just past us, the Walking Dead has made its comeback (yay walk-tober!) and the scientists inside gets us all thinking- are there really a possibility for zombies to exist? Can these mindless, soulless entities really exist? Funnily enough, or rather scarily enough, this zombie-like behaviour is not new to nature! There are several […]

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Small Change, Big Gain

Over the last month, I have worked to help increase awareness of positive habits, healthy living and their impact on you! To top it off, Elysium Health recently created an infographic which summarizes the science of healthy living, and my advice was featured on it! The graphic focuses on the importance of maintaining your metabolic health. Just […]

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Summer Science Reading

The end of summer approaches and in a few weeks all the schools and universities will have started up, and with it all the beach books will be put away in favour of textbooks. So I’m interested in finding out about what science books people read over the summer. I have often reviewed books here […]

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