Christmas Lecture 2015

For the 2015 Christmas Lecture, we were joined by Professor Tony Prescott and some of the team from Sheffield Robotics. The lecture was entitled “Are friends electric? Our future lives with robots” and was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. We even got a cheeky look at some of the robots being designed and programmed at…

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The Science of Fear

                          What is your favourite scary movie? I don’t think I have one, but I did see some very good movies at Celluloid Screams, the Sheffield horror film festival at the Showroom. Watching a horror movie initiates the fight or flight mechanism that…

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pigeon touchscreen

Animal intelligence.

I have covered a wide range of topics throughout my Biomedical Science degree: but one thing that really sparks my interest that isn’t really biomed related are studies involving animal behaviour. Animal rights have recently been a hot topic, especially due to the viral article recently informing about the dolphin killing ritual in the Faroe…

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A matter of inheritance

The age-old ‘nature-nurture’ debate revolves around understanding to what extent various traits within a population are determined by biological or environmental factors. In this context ‘traits’ can include not only aspects of personality, but also physical differences (e.g. eye colour) and differences in the vulnerability to disease. Investigating the nature-nurture question is important because it…

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Spooky goings on in Psychology!

Given that it is Halloween, it seems only right to discuss some recent psychology experiments relating to potential paranormal phenomenon! Can ‘psychics’ sense information others can’t? Today Merseyside Sceptics Society published the results of a ‘Halloween psychic challenge’. They invited a number of the UK’s top psychics* to attempt to prove their abilities under controlled…

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