Chocolate Science

OK, be honest: how much chocolate did you eat this Easter? While it is common to enjoy masses of the food stuff at this particular time of year (along with Christmas), chocolate can well and truly be enjoyed at any time. Having said that, everyone will scoff their favourite (dark chocolate more than 70% pretty…

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The Science of Music

Every year towards the end of July, Sheffield hosts the music festival Tramlines. As the line goes in one of Madonna’s song Music “music makes the people come together”, and they certainly do when Tramlines hits! Everybody is out. Whether it is out at a gig or a club or your own home, music worldwide…

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Kitty Science

Cats are everywhere on the internet providing the perfect procrastination technique and let’s face it, everyone has at least one friend who is crazy for cats. I have quite a few but one in particular wins the cat obsession prize. She would dress up as a cat for Halloween, wear anything cat related (preferably space…

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Humans Re-designed

Usually those who write about genome editing or designer babies tend to start off by describing a dystopian world probably referencing Gattaca, where if you were conceived naturally you are a “God-child” labelled an invalid and deemed lower class. The topic of designer babies has been explored before in a Science Brainwaves blog post: Designer…

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DNA Extraction

A Child’s Curiosity

“What is gravity?” asks my then four year old nephew to his family. Quite an inspirational question from a four year old! But then again, at the time they were all watching the highly acclaimed Cosmos; the science documentary hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. A child’s curiosity clearly knows no bounds when it comes to…

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Neolithic Revolution

Neolithic Revolution in the air!

THE NEOLITHIC REVOLUTION WAS A KEY MOMENT IN THE PREHISTORY OF HUMANS. It sparked civilisation as we know it- settlements were established, crops were grown and animals were domesticated transforming the economy of subsistence globally. Beginning in the Levant (Near East) around 12,000 years ago, the Neolithic Revolution spread into Europe 8000 years ago and…

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