kaboompics.com_Dried grass near the lake


As I looked upon the Old Moor Centre for the first time, I realised I had never seen a real wetland before. My eyes became the recipients of a fantastic scene which consisted of a deep brown lake, surrounded by autumn trees, and filled with small islands crowded with a diverse assortment of birds. Mute…

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Greedy boys?

Do boys eat more than girls? It’s commonly known that young boys are the bottomless pits of the family, frequently emptying the fridge and eating parents out of house and home. But a recent study on Galapagos seals has shown humans aren’t the only species to put up with gluttonous males. Galapagos seal mothers have…

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DNA Extraction

A Child’s Curiosity

“What is gravity?” asks my then four year old nephew to his family. Quite an inspirational question from a four year old! But then again, at the time they were all watching the highly acclaimed Cosmos; the science documentary hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. A child’s curiosity clearly knows no bounds when it comes to…

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