kaboompics.com_Dried grass near the lake


As I looked upon the Old Moor Centre for the first time, I realised I had never seen a real wetland before. My eyes became the recipients of a fantastic scene which consisted of a deep brown lake, surrounded by autumn trees, and filled with small islands crowded with a diverse assortment of birds. Mute…

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A 17th Century illustration of the heliocentric system suggested by Copernicus (by Andreas Cellarius from the Harmonia Macrocosmica ,1660)
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Why are we ‘Looking for Aliens’?

The idea that there might be alien life elsewhere in the universe has captured the imaginations of generations of scientists, writers, artists and….well pretty much everyone! Science Brainwaves has a fantastic *free* lecture coming up on Friday 8th November, where Dr Simon Goodwin will describe how astronomers are looking for life on other planets, and…

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Can magnetic bracelets help relieve joint pain in conditions like Arthritis?

The painful truth: Magnetic bracelets, the placebo effect & analgesia

Despite the widespread availability of evidence-based medicine in the western world, ‘alternative medicines’ are still commonly used. Such medicines are usually inspired by  pre-scientific medical practices; those which have been passed down through generations. However many established medical treatments also arise from traditional medical practices. For example the use of aspirin as an analgesic (pain…

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