Dragon’s Den – Brainwaves Style!

So, it’s turning into an exciting year for Science Brainwaves, but we’re still on the lookout for the next innovative and exciting public engagement event!  This is where we want you – our current/new/never before – volunteers!  Do you think our current events’ listing is missing something? Have you got a fantastic idea? Need some money and help putting it together and marketing it? Then we have the PERFECT opportunity for you!

We are offering £250 to the best brand new event/workshop idea!  In return all we ask is that you submit a summary of your idea (no more than 500 words) to: dragonsden@sciencebrainwaves.com by Tuesday 1st November.  We will then select the best 10 and ask you to pitch your event idea to a panel of expert judges on Tuesday 22nd November, 8pm, Coffee Revolution.

We are open to any idea, be it a lecture, a debate, a new science experimentation workshop which could be hosted at schools and colleges, an adult event, an event for families, for children, for men/women, boys/girls – we really don’t mind! Our only request is that the event somehow can be linked to the British Science Association National Science and Engineering Week 2012 theme – ‘Our World in Motion’ – this is such a broad title, we really feel anything could be fitted into it somehow!!

In addition to the £250 prize money, we will support your event 100%, allowing you access to our large media and ‘useful’ contact network.  Offering any advice needed, whether that’s how to promote the event, finding additional funding, where to find the best venue, recruiting volunteers or even what colour scheme would work best!

Please check out the ‘Science Brainwaves does Dragon’s Den’ Rules below for further information – but if you have any more questions please feel free to submit them to the email address detailed above.

Many thanks!

For a detailed list of the rules please click here. 

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