Science Of Cocktails

4 March 2010 – Science Of Cocktails evening at the Common Room in University House – The University of Sheffield. Hosted by Noel Jackson – the Head of Education at the Newcastle Centre for Life and Resident mixologist.

Noel has had a colourful career, starting young as an avid biologist, before reading chemistry at Oxford, moving onto research industry and finally realising that his vocation was to teach. Noel, as the past chair of the British Interactive Group, is well known for his public engagement work and in particular his ground-breaking Cocktail Hours specifically for adults!

This fantastic evening gave the opportunity to explore the science behind the perfect cocktail. We discovered the difference between pot distilled and continuous distilled vodka, why water but never ice should be added to whisky, how to design your own cocktail and learnt the science behind the dreaded hangover!

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