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Pauline P. Narvas

Head of Website

Hi there, I’m Pauline!  ??

From my 9 years experience of web-development, here at Science Brainwaves, I take on a highly technical role where I take the lead on maintaining the website and ensuring that everything is working well. I also blog on the site!

I’m currently a final year student studying Biomedical Sciences with Employment Experience, I did my placement year at the University of Sheffield where I took on a different role (compared to my BMS lab-based peers) focusing on Communications and External Engagement within the Faculty of Social Sciences. This allowed me to explore Higher Education as a place of work rather than study and gave me the opportunity to develop my skill set (outside of lab work!)

Volunteering at Science Brainwaves has given me the opportunity to help communicate my passion for science more effectively to the wider population, with the ultimate goal of inspiring as I share. I’ve also met like-minded people from being part of this community!

If you experience any problems with the site, please get in touch at