The Female Doctor

I have been a fan of Dr Who since I was a child, but I wasn’t hiding behind the sofa whenever the monsters were out. As an adult I fell back in love with Dr Who, and as a scientist and feminist I was thrilled to find out the 13th doctor is going to be a woman. I personally think this is great for women in science.

I have written about (as have many others) on the problems of retaining women in science. It is the same sad story that gets repeated so we need to try particularly hard to celebrate women in science (my blog post from October 2014), and call for equality both within science and outside of it (BBC, I’m looking at you!) When it comes to female role models within science, I’m sure most of us have our own heroine. Mine is Rosalind Franklin who just last week would have had her birthday (25 July), but what about our TV heroes? Well, having a female doctor right after Missy (Michelle Gomez was brilliant!) is great for having fictional women role models in science even though we have yet to see Jodie Whittaker in this role. However there are some wonderful female scientist role models out there. Just see this list: 7 kick-ass TV role models for aspiring women in STEM and then answer this question: Who is your favourite fictional woman scientist?




Danae Dodge

I received my PhD in Scientific Archaeology from the University of Sheffield in 2011 which specialised in ancient DNA and anthropology. For my profile, see my websites: I started getting involved in Science Brainwaves as a volunteer in 2010. I have volunteered at presentations, events (such as the British Science Festival in 2011) and even participated in the Science is Vital protest march in October 2010. My first blog for Science Brainwaves was "Ancient Humans: Who were they? And who got it on?" which was the written version of a talk I gave for the Natural History Society at the University of Sheffield on 5 December 2011. I also have a public engagement page dedicated to ancient DNA, which I encourage both the public and specialists to join: