Use Science To Get Healthy

My apologies for not writing a proper blog this month, but December has been a busy month for me. Instead I have provided a special collection of previous blogs aptly titled to get you fit and healthy especially in the month where we are all coming down with colds, indulging in Christmas treats and then attempting to make up for it come the new year!

First off watch what you eat. It is fairly simple: avoid junk and processed foods. If you can make meals from scratch do so and make sure to include lots of vegetables and fruits. However don’t be fooled by marketing terms telling you to eat “superfoods” because as I explain this blog- there are no superfoods! But occasional treats are alright like dark chocolate. I know Christmas has come and gone, and some allowances are OK. Just remember for afterwards there is no such thing as detox.

Balance out all your nutritious food with exercise and if you can, do the high intensity interval training. You can find out about the science of it here. If you smoke, it is probably best to give it up and if you are thinking of moving onto e-cigarettes then it is best to be aware of the full debate.

It is also the time of year for colds and flu. Remember that good hygiene can make all the difference to prevent you from coming down with something. However if you do, don’t fall foul to marketing hype, find out how to get better here.

Finally, to make sure you are healthy in mind as well as body be sure to work your brain, play an instrument and do some yoga and meditation as they can help by enabling you to keep calm and carry on!

Happy New Year folks!


Danae Dodge

I received my PhD in Scientific Archaeology from the University of Sheffield in 2011 which specialised in ancient DNA and anthropology. For my profile, see my websites: I started getting involved in Science Brainwaves as a volunteer in 2010. I have volunteered at presentations, events (such as the British Science Festival in 2011) and even participated in the Science is Vital protest march in October 2010. My first blog for Science Brainwaves was "Ancient Humans: Who were they? And who got it on?" which was the written version of a talk I gave for the Natural History Society at the University of Sheffield on 5 December 2011. I also have a public engagement page dedicated to ancient DNA, which I encourage both the public and specialists to join: