We are a society passionate about all things science! Our hope is to promote different fields in science such as biology, chemistry, and physics, through  fantastic blogs written by student volunteers and through various outreach events open to all ages. 

If you love science, join us on our journey!

Science Brainwaves Committee 2019/20
Top (left to right): Tate Askey, Jisung Park, Lisa Bruni, Pei Cing Ng
Bottom (left to right): Sofia Marina Konstantinidou, Subin Lee, Nurkaiyisah Zaal Anuar, Oisharja Rahman, Aysha Wahid, Karina Dimitrova

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Do you love communicating science? Are you interested in helping out with one of our events? Then become a volunteer with Science Brainwaves!

We run numerous fun, science-themed activities for children of all ages (adults can join in too!) at fairs throughout the year at various locations around Sheffield. Recent activities have included extracting strawberry DNA, sweet chromatography and pathogen modelling and much more! 


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To blog, simply drop an email with a draft at n.zaalanuar@sciencebrainwaves.com

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Eureka! Radio

Eureka! is a science podcast run by students at the University of Sheffield. We produce weekly episodes on a whole range of scientific topics: from the science of the universe to the most scientific way to clean your house.

To get involved you can drop an email at committee@sciencebrainwaves.com with the title “Eureka! Radio”. 

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